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Mar 7, 2017 | MAIN FEED




Welcome back to Broke in Bristol the blog that helps you save money, make money and live life to the full on a shoestring. Yesterday was Mr Spendthrift’s birthday, so I set myself the challenge of enjoying a day out in Bristol for just £10. Easy peasy I here you say – there are loads of free things to do in Bristol! Not so easy when you want to throw in lunch and a small gift too…


The tight budget meant Mr Spendthrift’s birthday present would have to be more thoughtful than fabulous! Thank goodness for Poundland. I bought a £1 picture frame and popped along to Asda to print out one of his favourite photos of Bella the dog for 30 pence. They say it’s the thought that counts right?!  


£8.70 left….

Never mind it’s the thought that counts, how about the best things in life are free? We are spoilt for choice when it comes to lovely nature walks in Bristol, but I made it my mission to take Mr Spendthrift and Bella the dog to a part of the city we don’t often venture to. So we took a walk up Brandon Hill Park to Cabot Tower to enjoy the stunning views of the city.


After enjoying the great outdoors, we popped along to the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery for the Adela Breton: Ancient Mexico in Colour exhibition. Many of Bristol’s museums are free or pay what you think, and although I usually give a couple of quid if I’m not hard up, I swerved the donation this time to meet my challenge of staying under a tenner.


Lunch for £5.60?

Bristol might be the foodie capital of England, but a nice birthday sit down meal for less than £8.70 meant I had to do a lot of research before the big day. Luckily for me, Yo! Sushi is running its Blue Monday offer where 45 dishes are just £2.80 each. Mr Spendthrift tucked into the Tofu Katsu Curry and I enjoyed the Vegetable Chahan which is sushi rice stir-fried with fresh vegetables and shichimi chilli powder. And yummy it was too! For the purpose of the challenge, both of us stuck to one dish and refrained from ordering refreshments! I’m not sure Mr Spendthrift knew what he was signing up for…


Birthday drink on a boat…

I couldn’t let the day end without buying Mr Spendthrift a birthday drink so we headed back to the other side of town and birthday boy enjoyed a half of Amstel at the Grain Barge for £1.90. To stay within my budget, I stuck to tap water. Now anyone who knows me knows I’d usually enjoy a glass of wine, but for research purposes I was willing (just about!) to sacrifice my usual treat.


A car that costs £10 a month to run?

Thanks to the guys at Mahindra I also had the loan of a car for the day. The Mahindra e20 is an electric car, perfect for driving around the city, costs less than £10 a month to run and comes with free parking if you’re charging it at one of the many charging points around the city. Once you get used to the fact that it’s an automatic and stop reaching for the gears, it’s a dream to drive. Although, I’m not sure Mr Spendthrift enjoyed being my first passenger!


The only negatives to the car are the small boot (just do your food shopping when you don’t have a car full of kids) and the fact that you would have to stop to recharge every 80 or so miles on longer journeys. That said, this is a city car so if you want something economical and easy to park, then it’s for you to decide whether the advantages outweigh the negatives.


So we did it, a day out for two in Bristol with lunch, a gift and a beer for £8.80! Do you have any ideas of great days out in Bristol for £10 or less? Why don’t you share them on our Facebook page? Don’t forget to like our Facebook page to never miss an update.

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