The real cost of not having a will

Aug 19, 2020 | MAIN FEED

Welcome back to Broke in Bristol – & beyond the blog that helps you save money, make money and invest in your future. This week I’ve asked Steve Rogers from My Family Legacy in Bristol to discuss the importance of having a will in place – especially in the current climate.


“There are a few ‘cheap’ options when it comes to having a will written – but as with most things in life there’s usually a reason why it’s cheap. Sadly, the money you save when opting for the free or cheap option may cost your family or beneficiaries thousands of pounds. Having a professionally written will ensures that it is legal and binding and incorporates more structure and can include things like ‘bloodline planning’. This means only your family will receive your assets and your estate can be protected against divorce and care fees.


“It’s certainly been a testing time for a will to be written during 2020! It was a subject that before lockdown many people, although they knew it was something they should address, put on the back burner, thinking that one day they would get around to it. With the onset of Covid-19, I believe that there was a major gear shift in the thought process for many people.


“Like many other Legacy Planners, I had to be resourceful and adaptable so that I could continue to help my clients. Initial instructions were taken via video calls. Getting the will signed was more challenging – it meant passing documents through doors or windows and along with an independent witness, watching the testator sign the document from a distance.


“However, the Ministry of Justice is currently putting into place plans whereby from September this year until January 2022 it will be legal to sign and witness a will over a video call. This is a significant (albeit temporary) amendment to the Wills act of 1837. It will hopefully be beneficial to the many numbers of people that still have not completed their will.” 


Shockingly, more than half of all adults still don’t have a will. If you’ve been thinking of looking into your options, send Steve an email at or give him a call on 07702 154394.







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