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Feb 25, 2021 | Stealth posts

Cards on the table … I love Broke in Bristol and Beyond. It focuses on helping you make money. My day job is helping you do the same. I help people find companies they’d love to work for

One way to make money is to find a job with more salary.

Applying for a job online can be frustrating. How can you get noticed? You need strategies to make your CV stand out.

If you want to get noticed, these tips may help you revise your approach.

The Importance of Keywords

1. Understand applicant tracking software. These software packages sift CVs to select candidates who use desired words, such as marketing or sales.

2. Research each company. Google is your friend here. Use some of their exact language in your application and CV.

3. Know your industry. Stay up-to- date in your field.

4. Consult a recruitment consultant. Call me or come along to one of my free training sessions to help you find that ideal new company and job.

5. Avoid excessive repetition. To avoid overstuffing, use a keyword once for every hundred words.

6. Stick to a simple format. Reduce the risk of having your CV mangled by an automatic program. Put information on separate lines when giving your employer’s name, your job title, and the number of years you worked at your previous company.

9. Keep humans in mind. A real person will probably review your application if you make the first cut. Read your CV out loud to ensure it makes sense. Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation because if your CV is full of errors, it’s unlikely that you’ll be considered.

The value of personal referrals

1. Ask around. Your odds are much better if you can find someone who already works at the company to recommend you or give you inside information. Connect with others through LinkedIn.

2. Help others. Nurture and expand your network by doing favours for others.

Additional suggestions

1. Be selective. Applying for a job can be as easy as clicking a single button. Be candid with yourself about whether you have the special qualities and experience to distinguish yourself from the rest of a crowded field. Focus your efforts on your best chances.

2. Use a variety of techniques. The most successful job hunters tend to use multiple tactics. Experiment with everything from posting your CV online, LinkedIn networking, answering job ads, to volunteering work.

3. Patience. Your career plays a big role in your life. Finding meaningful work that’s fitting for you may take a while. Focus on your long-term goals and congratulate yourself for every step you take. Positive thoughts will make you happier and more attractive to your future employer.

It’s easy for your CV to fall into a black hole when you’re dealing with online job adverts. By applying these strategies, you’re more likely to get noticed and secure your dream job.

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