10 ways you can make £1,000 in time for Christmas

Oct 7, 2022 | Highlights, making money, saving money

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Making money tips: 10 ways to make £1,000 before Christmas

With less than 80 days to go until Christmas, lots of us are already worrying how we are going to afford the festive season this year. 

The good news is there’s no reason why you couldn’t have an extra £1,000 in the bank before the big day. I’ve come up with 10 ways to save and make £1,000 before December which could pay for Christmas  – and a holiday next year!

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Every year around this time, I start to think about how I’m going to pay for Christmas. I don’t spend a fortune on the festive season – but I do like to treat Little Miss Diva. I don’t really buy for anyone else – maybe the odd present under a tenner – but I certainly don’t go overboard. Since paying off £16,000 worth of debt I’ve been making sure the festive season pays for itself. I do this by earning the additional money it costs in October and November.

My top three money-making tips

  1. First of all I have a declutter and sort out stuff I can sell online to pay for my daughter’s presents. I look for things that haven’t been used in the last year and then sell them on Depop or Facebook Marketplace. This year I’ve found a foldable dog carrier I can sell for £25, an unopened Consumer Unit that should fetch me £20 an old Wii console I could sell for £25 hair an ice box cooler £20 hair and iphone £20 and two unopened hair curlers that I reckon will fetch £40. That adds up to £150! I have also donated six bags of clothes and books to the charity shop – of course you could sell these too – but I’m just being realistic as I know I won’t get round to it and it’s nice to give something back.

2. The second thing I do at this time of year is switch bank accounts which usually makes me around £100 to £150. This year Nationwide is offering an impressive £200 to switch. I’ve done this every year for as long as I can remember and have made over £1,000 over the years – It really is a no brainer.

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3. My mortgage is also coming up for renewal and whereas in the past I’ve saved £600 a year by remortgaging – I doubt I’ll make that much this time – because of current market conditions. However, ‘m surprised to find I can still save £10 a month – so at least that’s another £120 a year that’s better off in my pocket. If I’d have left it and gone onto the Standard Variable Rate I would be paying £40 a month more – so really I’ve saved myself £480 a month and £120 by keeping on top of my finances.

10 ways to make £1,000 before Christmas:

Sell clothes and household items online – around £150

Switch banks – Nationwide is offering £200

Sell old mobile phone – up to £150

Do a direct debit detox – save £120

Switch suppliers – £200

Look into remortgaging – £100

Earn an extra income – 2 hours a week could mean an extra £150 a month.

Rent out your driveway – £100 a month

Rent out your car – £300 a month

Hire out your carpet cleaner – £20 a day.

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