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Jul 15, 2020 | MAIN FEED

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There’s a new app in town and it could be a game changer for people who find themselves continuously going overdrawn, regularly missing their saving goals or left with no money to pay their bills at the end of the month.


Money Dashboard Neon is a free app available on IOS and Google Play which helps users connect to over 40 banks and pulls in their individual balance and transactions so that they can see what they’re spending and how much they have to save. The app then categorises a person’s spending and income into helpful categories like bills, household expenditure and holidays.

After taking these categories into account, the dashboard provides a Balance after Bills, so that people can see exactly how much money they have to last them between paydays, accounting for any upcoming bills, subscriptions and savings goals across all of their accounts.


Although the Money Dashboard app has been around for nearly 10 years, the Neon version has new features and products, is much faster than ever before and will be continually improved.


If you have an account on the existing app (Money Dashboard Classic) and want to try Money Dashboard Neon, you will need to create a new account. The system through which it connects to your bank in the new app is built entirely on APIs, meaning that many of the connections to your providers have changed to a faster, more reliable platform so they will need to be reconnected.

Once you’ve connected an account and filled out a few other details, you’ll be provided with your Balance after Bills. Savings apps like these are great and constantly keeping an eye on your monthly finances and outgoings really can mean the difference between taking the family for a holiday to Butlins or Barbados. Download Money Dashboard Neon on the App Store and Google Play store today. More from Broke in Bristol – & beyond:


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We’re also building in a range of new features like spending analytics and budgeting functionality to make it even more helpful for people wanting to take control of their finances.

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