How to save when learning to drive

Mar 14, 2023 | Uncategorised

Being able to drive is one of the best life skills that you can have. Being able to
drive can free up the world, give you a huge amount of independence and means
you do not have to rely on others or public transport to get around. Learning
to drive can also be hugely expensive, so what are some of the best ways to
make savings when learning to drive?

Revising for Your Theory
First, you have your theory that you will need to pass. The test costs £23 which
may not be a huge amount, but you do not want to have to take this test multiple
times as this can add up quickly. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are
fully prepared for this test by revising thoroughly. The internet is a great resource
for this as you can find online resources that will help you to prepare for the 60
questions and there are also videos that you can watch online to prepare for
hazard perception.

Choose a Reliable Instructor
Having a reliable instructor that you feel comfortable with can make all of the
difference when learning to drive and could help you to pass much faster. It is a
good idea to ask around to see if anyone has recommendations and look at
reviews (and pass rates) online. Some instructors offer block lessons which can
be cheaper but keep in mind that this is a big commitment, and you may not be
able to cancel or get a refund if you miss a lesson. You can also take mock tests
to prepare and feel more confident – you should also be aware of the most
common mistakes that people make during their tests.

Take Time to Practise

Being able to practise between lessons is key as this is how you master the skills
taught in lessons and build confidence behind the wheel. You will need to find
someone that can supervise and will need to arrange temporary learner insurance.
so that you are covered. You can then practice in car parks and on the road to
perfect your skills and get comfortable behind the wheel.

After You Have Passed
Passing your test is an incredible feeling and the start of a new chapter. Driving is
hugely expensive, though, so it is helpful to know how to keep costs down. A
second-hand car will help to keep your costs down and black box insurance could
bring down your insurance costs (these can be very high for a new driver). This is
a device that provides data that will inform your insurer of how you drive, which
will bring down costs if you are a safe driver.

Hopefully, the advice in this post will help you to keep your costs down and also
help you to pass your test much faster!

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