How to save money this winter

Aug 22, 2022 | ADs

It’s hard to escape hearing about of the rising cost of living at the moment, and it is only set to keep
rising. This can be incredibly overwhelming, especially as we enter the colder months where certain
costs always increase naturally. Here are just some of the ways that you can save money during
autumn and winter.

Make your savings work for you
Lots of us already have a savings account in some capacity, however, we don’t always make them
work for us. Most of us tend to open a savings account, then use it as we wish without putting much
thought into it. But when was the last time you looked into whether your savings account is the right
one for you? If you have saved money you don’t intend to use for a long time then a fixed savings
account might be the best option for you, these receive better interest rates due to the nature in
which you can access them. If you are saving for something imminent, then an easy-access ISA could
be a good choice. Whatever your savings goal, review whether your savings account is working for
, and assess whether you could be earning more interest from it.

Prep your home for the cold
It’s highly unlikely that you are going to be able to avoid an increase in energy costs this winter,
however, you can prepare your home so that you are able to use less energy. This can range in cost
depending on your budget. More expensive ways to prepare your home include servicing and
potentially replacing your boiler, installing double glazing, and investing in LED lighting to cut bills.
Although costly, all these things will make you considerate savings in the long run. Don’t worry if
these are out of your budget, there are lots of cheaper ways to prepare your home for the cold too;
including draught-proofing your home, which can be done very cost efficiently with homemade draft

Start batch cooking
Batch cooking is a fantastic way to save money all year round but lends itself particularly well to
winter meals such as soups and stews. Batch cooking is effective for two reasons; firstly, it makes the
most of the energy you are using when you are using your oven. Secondly, it is effective in cutting
down food waste and means buying fewer meals out. A quick google will lead you to lots of great
batch cook friendly recipes, you are bound to find something you like the sound of.

Consider a side hustle
For some of us, our base income is not going to be enough to cover us through the winter months.
With increasing costs and Christmas on the horizon, it may be that you decide you need an
additional source of income. There are now, more than ever before, plenty of side hustle options for
you to explore
, perfect for earning a bit of extra cash.

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