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Sep 29, 2020 | MAIN FEED

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Get £15 off your food shop delivery with Buymie

Little Miss Diva and I have been forced to self-isolate for a few days as two weeks after returning to school she’s developed a cold, persistent cough and has lost her sense of smell. Of course, I’m not prepared for this and although I have enough food in to last the next few days, I don’t have enough shopping in if she receives a positive result for Coronavirus and we have to isolate for the next two weeks.

And, lo and behold it looks like all the supermarket delivery slots are booked up for the foreseeable! So today I’m trying Buymie – a new app that has recently launched to help people get an online delivery slot from their usual supermarket.

PLEASE NOTE: you will pay more for your shopping if you use Buymie – so I only advise doing it every now and again. It works by assigning your food order to a local shopper who then delivers it to your door that same day or another day of your choice. What I love about this is that it’s creating paid employment too so if you know anyone who is looking for extra hours then get them to look on the website as they’re also looking for workers.

First time users of the app get free deliver but because I didn’t use the offer straight way they then sent me a code for £15 off a £35 spend, which couldn’t be better timing for me! To get started first of all I downloaded the Buymie app on IOS (also available on Google Play) chose my preferred supermarket which was Tesco out of Tesco, Asda and Coop (it’s a shame Aldi and Lidl weren’t on there) selected my groceries and popped in my discount code.

To be honest I didn’t find the app straightforward and struggled to enter my address, so I emailed the company for clear instructions which I’ve copied below.

To fill in your address: 

· Click on the “Address fields”

· Pick the country you’re in

· Then click on “Eircode” or “UK Postcode”, depending where you live!

· This will take you to an empty white screen, type in your eircode/postcode and click “Search” on the bottom right of your keyboard.

· When your address appears, click on it! This should filled all the address fields automatically.

· Then click “Save Address”.

The simple mistake I was making was that I was trying to input my street address before putting in my postcode (as that is the natural order) so if it’s not working for you then follow the above instructions to the letter and you should be OK.

Buymie could be a lifesaver for older people this winter so if you think they would find it useful why not share with your friends and family? Please don’t forget to use my referral code: JAnnett190983.

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