Honest review of Gousto food recipe boxes

Sep 29, 2021 | Highlights, Luxuries for less, MAIN FEED, Uncategorised

Get 50 percent off Gousto recipe boxes

Who doesn’t love a little bit of luxury, especially if you can pay a bit less for it. Recently a friend sent me a link with a code for 60 percent off food delivery company Gousto so I decided to give it a try for a few days. If you haven’t heard of Gousto, it’s a recipe box delivery service with over 60 meals to choose from which have got the thumbs up from everybody’s favourite lockdown body coach Joe Wicks.

We ordered Chunky Mixed Veg Stew with Goats Cheese, Speedy Prawn and Pineapple Stir-Fry, Roasted Aubergine and Tomato Orzo with Rocket Pesto and the Beany Chilli with Avocado Salsa and Brown Rice – and absolutely everything you need comes in the box from the recipe card to garlic cloves.

How much does Gousto cost?

You can choose from different packages but I chose four meals for two people which worked out at £14 with the discount – it’s usually £34.99. Anyone can get 50 percent off their first order with this code so if you’ve been thinking about giving it a go, why don’t you use my code and we’ll both get some money off?

Would it have been cheaper to buy the four meals and ingredients myself? Maybe, though I only paid £3.50 per evening meal with the discount and it saved me a lot of time too – which quite frankly for me right now is priceless!

I absolutely loved the prawn stir-fry and even if I don’t order from Gousto again – I have the recipe card so I can knock up my own version without having to subscribe. The other dishes were good too, Little Miss Diva made the Chunky Mixed Veg Stew with Goat’s Cheese and it was delicious. (Top tip – it might encourage teenagers to do the cooking!)

The other two dishes weren’t bad either. We ordered different dishes to what we’d typically eat because we thought it would be nice to have a change. I’m not sure I’d pay for this subscription service all the time but I would recommend buying it for a treat every now and again. 

It’s a great idea if you’re going away to stay in a cottage on holiday, just get your cooking delivered and eat out the rest of the time. It would also be a really thoughtful idea as a present for someone else – perhaps someone who is isolating and needs cheering up! Have you tried Gousto – if so what do you think? Join in the conversation on the Broke in Bristol (& beyond) Facebook page.

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