Five side hustles you can explore today

Aug 15, 2022 | MAIN FEED

There are ways to earn money from home

Starting a side hustle is a very effective way to boost your income so you can save, invest or spend
more. It should be something you can fit in and around your full-time job or existing commitments,
and who knows, maybe one day it may just become your main source of income. But it’s important
to start with small steps – first, you need to find something that you enjoy and that can realistically
earn you money. Below we’ll explore some of the simpler side hustles you can start today.

Become a handyperson
Have a penchant for DIY or completing those random household repairs? Being a handyperson might
just be the ideal side hustle for you. You can start by offering basic repairs and maintenance services
around your local area, you should only need a few basic tools to begin with. Once you’ve generated
enough interest and you’re asked to complete more complicated tasks, you can start to invest in
better equipment such as power tools and drill bits sets from suppliers like RS.

Sell your own products
There are plenty of online platforms to make use of these days that allow you to sell things. If you’re
a hobby artist, a keen baker or you enjoy designing t-shirts, look for a place to sell these online to
earn yourself a bit of extra money. If you’re really serious, you can build yourself a website. Or just
make use of online platforms like Etsy or eBay.

Try house or dog sitting
One of the more popular options, albeit more difficult to get started with, is house or dog sitting.
This is essentially where you look after someone’s house and/or pet while they are away, either
being paid in cash or food, supplies and shelter for the duration of your stay. Potential clients want
someone they can trust, which is why many people start by house sitting for friends and family
before expanding out.

Find freelancing opportunities
Do you have a particular skill or valuable experience in your day job? So long as it doesn’t go against
your contract of employment, you could look to offer these services to your own clients in the form
of freelancing. Again, online platforms are making this process much easier with sites like Fiverr
connecting freelancers and clients safely and securely.

Start delivery driving
If you have a vehicle, you could always look to fit some delivery driving around your current
commitments. You can control your schedule and work as much as you want in most cases, usually
delivering parcels, food or shopping. With more and more business being done online these days,
these opportunities will continue to grow and you could benefit from a nice little side-earner.

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