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Feb 3, 2017 | MAIN FEED


Welcome back to Broke in Bristol the blog that helps you save money, make money and live life to the full on a budget. You may have seen the websites that claim you can feed your family for £20 a week, well I wanted to go one better. So last week, I set myself the challenge of feeding a family of four for as little as £15 a week and the good news is that we didn’t have to eat beans on toast every night! This is how we got on…


Monday night: Pasta & pesto. £1.28

Verdict: One of Little Miss Diva’s favourite and quick to rustle up on a weekday evening.


Tuesday night: Carrot & coriander soup. £1.79

Verdict: Lovely winter warmer, get the recipe here. You can always add crusty rolls to make it a bit more filling.


Wednesday night: Vegetable chickpea curry. £1.91

Verdict: Surprisingly tasty and everyone’s plates were emptied! This recipe on BBC Good Food recommends using lots of different herbs, which could make this meal pricey, but I just used the ones that we already had in the cupboard.


Thursday night: beans on toast. 0.79p

Verdict: By far the cheapest meal of the week, but also Little Miss Diva’s favourite! Sprinkle on some grated cheese for an extra cheesy treat.


Friday night: jacket potato with tuna mayo. £1.12

Verdict: Quick and tasty after work tea.


Saturday night: pizza and wedges. £2.19

Verdict: Saturday is pizza night in the Broke in Bristol household and we weren’t prepared to give this small treat up, although we did try a cheaper version than usual. Admittedly, the cheapest Lidl pizza was a bit sparse on toppings, so I’d suggest adding cheese or pepperoni if you already have them in the fridge.


Sunday night: sausage, mash & veg. £1.12

Verdict: Little Miss Diva isn’t keen on roasts so we didn’t feel like we were missing out. You can always add some Yorkshire puds and gravy if you feel like it doesn’t live up to your typical Sunday evening meal.


In total, that’s £10.20 for seven evening meals, which meant I then had to try and serve up a week’s worth of lunch and breakfasts for less than a fiver. That was a challenge – even for me! This is where we had to make the most sacrifices, swapping nicer lunch ingredients for basic bread, convenient packed lunch drinks for water and variety at breakfast time for basic porridge oats.


Packed lunches

Rowan Hill Bakery Soft Medium White Bread = 42p

Warren & Sons Cooked Ham Slices = 0.69p

Milbona Fruit King Fromage Frais = 0.59p

Plums = 0.89p

Water = 0

Total = £2.86


Breakfast: Simply Oats = £0.39p

Morning Fresh Semi-skimmed Milk = £1.35


I tend to shop in Lidl in Bedminster and this is where I managed to buy last week’s shop for less than £15. If you stick to supermarket own brands, you can pick up a comparable shop in Aldi, Asda or Tesco, check mysupermarket.co.uk for current prices. What are your money-saving recipes? Why don’t you share them on our Facebook page? Don’t forget to like the Broke in Bristol Facebook page to never miss an update!


Lidl Shopping list

Simply Penne = 29p

Baresa Green Italian Pesto Genovese = 99p

Onion = 9p

Carrots = 44p

Oxo Stock Cubes Vegetable = 74p

Oaklands Cut Coriander = 69p

Freshona Chickpeas = 33p

Kania Garlic Granules = 49p

One Oaklands Salad Tomato = 9p

Golden Sun Microwaveable Basmati Rice = 45p

Newgate beans = 29p

Rowan Hill Bakery Soft White Bread = 42p

Oaklands White Potatoes £1.19

Tuna = 59p

Batts Real Mayonaisse = 69p

Freshona Sweetcorn = 35p

Tuna = 59p

Freshona Sweetcorn = 35p

Simply Sausages = 89p

Green Grocers Mixed Vegetables =79p


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