Dinosaurs are coming to Bristol! Free festival of nature starts this Thursday June 8….

Jun 6, 2017 | MAIN FEED


The General Election isn’t the only big event happening this Thursday. On June 8, the Festival of Nature comes to Bristol and this year it will take on a prehistoric twist.


For three weeks, big kids and little kids alike can check out dinosaur fossils and skeletons as part of the UK’s biggest free celebration of the natural world.


Starting in Bristol before winding down the River Avon through Keynsham and into Bath, the free festival will uncover secret wildlife spots along the way and you can pop along until June 25.


The Bristol Dinosaur Project will be at the festival to tell the story of Bristol’s very own dinosaur, which was the fourth species of dinosaur to have ever been discovered. Called Thecodontosaurus, or Theco, its remains were uncovered in a quarry in Durdham Down in 1834 and it offers an important insight into the evolution of early dinosaurs into giant plant-consuming creatures.


Bristol Zoo employees will also be at the festival to offer visitors the opportunity to take part in a wide range of hands-on dinosaur activities.


The main Bristol celebration will take place this weekend (June 10 and 11) followed by a Keynsham event on June 17 and 18 before culminating in Bath for the festival finale on June 24 and 25. All events are free to enter, but some may require advance booking so please visit www.festivalofnature.org.uk for more information. 


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