Boost your home value with a budget DIY project

Nov 8, 2022 | Practical info

Home improvement can be a costly business, particularly if you decide to get the handymen in and
completely transform your house. But you don’t have to spend fortunes to make your home feel a
little bit more special.

With the cost-of-living crisis causing so many of us to pinch our pockets harder than ever before, it
can be tempting to completely banish any thoughts of home improvement from our minds. But
these DIY projects might give the old homestead a subtle makeover that brings a big smile to your
face and neither of them will leave you too much out of pocket.

Install your own flooring
Wooden flooring can make a room look rustic and charming with minimal effort. Of course,
installing wood panels is a bit job but you might already have them if you live in an older house.
Just try peeling back that old carpet. All it could need is a bit of polish and varnish.

Or you could try installing your own vinyl flooring tiles in the bathroom. The bathroom is often the
room in the home that goes unloved for the longest. It’s why so many homes still have those garish
avocado suites. Vinyl flooring is affordable and easy to clean, so it’s ideal for the bathroom. Best of
all, it’s easy to install if you have a decent green laser level to ensure everything is aligned properly.

Get the paint out
Painting is one of the few DIY tasks that almost anyone can do as long as they have the time and
the patience. It can also completely change the atmosphere of a room. Spend a weekend giving your
walls a fresh coat of paint, or even just adding a feature wall to each room, and everything could
seem brighter and bigger.

There’s also the option of wallpaper, of course, but wallpaper is a much more difficult thing to work
with. Once again, use a spirit level or laser level to ensure everything is properly aligned and try not
to use too much paste, otherwise, you’ll end up with lots of unpleasant bumps that you’ll never be
able to get rid of.

Generate more space
Clutter is the best way to make a home look lived in, but it also makes it look unloved. You want
just enough clutter to make your home feel like your home, but you also want options when it
comes to putting things away. Try creating space by investing in some cabinets to put away
undesirable things.

Shelving can also make things that might otherwise seem like clutter seem like decoration.
Whatever you do though, don’t forget where you put things when you put them away. That can lead
to madness and tearing down those same shelves you worked so hard to mount with precision and

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