Best value areas to buy a house in Bristol

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Colourful houses in Bristol
There are still some property bargains to be found in Bristol

Bristol is one of the more expensive places you can buy a house in the UK. The average house price is
£324,300 as of June 2022,
making it the fifth most expensive city behind places like London, Oxford
and Cambridge.

This is no surprise either, with beautiful properties, stunning scenery and excellent
transport links making it a popular choice for people of all ages.

Unfortunately, many can’t quite yet afford the price tag of some of the more lavish areas of Bristol.
Clifton, Redland and Stoke Bishop come to mind when you think of the most expensive and luxury
areas, but these are out of reach for the majority of the population.

If you’re one of those looking for somewhere to buy in Bristol without deep pockets, look no further! This guide will give you some suggestions about areas of better value where you can get a bit more for your money.

One area where you can certainly get more for your money is Fishponds. This district sits North-East
of Bristol city centre but still has excellent transport links if you need to commute. It’s a popular area
for students and young professionals with its proximity to UWE’s various campuses. However, there
is also lots for older adults too, with a vibrant nightlife and good local amenities. The district is home
to some of Bristol’s new build developments.

St George
St George sits west of Bristol city centre and is popular with families and those looking to settle
down. There’s plenty of green space to enjoy and you’ll have access to all the local amenities you
need. Furthermore, it’s only a short walk into the city if you don’t drive or you’re not a fan of the

Somewhere slightly further out of the centre is Keynsham which is again popular with families and
those wanting to be more in the country. It sits in between Bristol and Bath and is one of the quieter
areas of the region – great if you prefer to be out of the noise of a busy city but still with relatively
easy access.

Brislington is on the way to Keynsham from Bristol and continues to see investment which is a
promising sign. It offers a balance of the city life and proximity to the more rural areas just a bit
further out. If you’re looking for a place in an up-and-coming area where you can get more for your
money – this is likely to be a good bet for the long-term.

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