Are Buymie and Getir food delivery services a rip-off?

Nov 4, 2021 | Highlights, Luxuries for less, MAIN FEED

Getir general manager  Turancan Salur.
Getir UK general manager Turancan Salur.

I love it when a new food delivery app launches because it usually means free food. That moment when the leaflet drops through the letterbox (or my inbox pings) is more exciting than Christmas in the Broke in Bristol household. But are food delivery apps like Buymie and Getir a rip-off?

During lockdown I tried Buymie – which although was pricier than going to the shops myself – was a godsend as I couldn’t get a delivery slot and didn’t have a car.

You get £20 off your first order and then £10 off every time someone uses your code so these savings can compensate for the inflated prices.

When Getir launched in Bristol this summer, I’m sure I was one of the very first customers to try it out. It’s great – for a few essential items that you have forgotten to buy – but I wouldn’t recommend you use it for your full weekly shop.

Some of the prices can be a lot higher than you would pay if you went to the supermarket yourself and, although there’s a good selection, you wouldn’t be able to get everything you need. However, I have got to say the shopping I did order arrived in less than 11 minutes – that’s amazing service if you ask me!

The best way to make the most of apps like Buymie and Getir is to take advantage of your introductory offer and then just use them now and again when you have a free credit or money off.

With Buymie you can invite friends and family to use your code (mine is JAnnett189210 if people wouldn’t mind popping that in – I’d be really grateful) and although Getir doesn’t seem to have this option yet you’ll see a new £10 free offer pop into your account every now and then.

I do exactly the same with food delivery parcels like Gousto – a friend introduced me and I got 60 percent of a week’s worth of food. It’s a bit of a luxury – but who doesn’t love a treat – especially if you end up paying less for it?

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