Affordable marketing tactics for your small business

Dec 17, 2022 | Practical info

While getting a new business off the ground can be a dream come true for budding entrepreneurs,
starting your own company can be a daunting process, especially if it’s your first foray into a new
market. If you want to spread the word and set your brand against the competition, you’ll need to
allocate some of your budgets to marketing your new business – luckily, there are plenty of ways to
generate buzz and brand awareness without breaking the bank:

Establish your digital presence – With 97% of customers researching small businesses online, it’s
essential that you forge a strong digital presence if you want your new brand to be considered
visible, reputable and credible in the market today. Make sure that your website is accessible and
easy to use and that you’ve set up business accounts on popular social media platforms like
Instagram and Facebook. Invest in creating top content that ranks highly in search engines and is
‘share-friendly’ for maximum effect.

Get networking – If you want to boost visibility and credibility, you’ll need to establish good
relationships with your peers and potential clients. Networking is a key marketing tool that’s
relatively cost-effective – all you’ll really need are communication skills and a defined strategy. By
establishing good relationships from the outset, you’ll stand a better chance of retaining customers
in the long run. Consider printing your own branded business cards and take the time to give them
out at trade fairs and industry events to create a network in your sector.

Printed advertising isn’t dead – While much of the focus on marketing these days is placed on the
online aspect, it’s important to make use of the tried and tested classics. Posters, flyers and physical
banners are still great ways of promoting your new business, especially if they’re eye-catching and
visible to your target demographic. When handing out flyers, try to focus on similar settings, events
and businesses where you’re likely to attract key customers.

Encourage customers to leave reviews – With around 90% of potential customers valuing personal
recommendations and online reviews equally, word-of-mouth referrals alone no longer cut the
mustard. Wherever possible, encourage new customers to leave reviews detailing their positive
experiences with your brand. The more positive reviews associated with your brand, the more new
customers you’re likely to attract to your business.

Provide incentives for your customers – Introducing fun incentive schemes is a great way of
generating a buzz, attracting new clients and retaining loyal customers as your business grows. You
can gain attention for your new brand and build meaningful relationships with customers by hosting
competitions, conducting prize giveaways and offering welcome discounts. Consider setting up a
referral scheme for your business, where happy customers can receive a perk for referring their
friends and family to your brand – this could see your customer base expand overnight.

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