5 weird ways to make money!

Jan 10, 2018 | MAIN FEED



1. Sell your smelly shoes. This isn’t for everyone, but blogger Emma Andrew claims to have made over £2,000 from selling her old smelly shoes! She sold a pair of worn Primark shoes for £70 – making a £67 profit! According to The Mirror, buyers tend to be those with a foot fetish and there are some rules to abide by to ensure you’re not banned from sites like Ebay. You can also sell your used underwear online, but I’m not gonna go there…


2. Sell your old toilet rolls. Yes really. According to MoneySavingExpert you could be sitting on a small fortune in household waste.  A loo roll tube can fetch up to 35p, but you’re more likely to make a few quid if you save them up and sell them in bulk. But who buys these things? Usually people who like to dabble in arts and crafts. You can also sell jam jars, perfume bottles, wine corks and coat hangers on sites like Ebay, Gumtree and Preloved. Facebook groups and Facebook Marketplace are also great selling sites – and these are free.


3. Strip off. Now we’re not going to get too down and dirty here, but have you ever thought about earning a few extra quid posing as a life model? Check out Gumtree or Bristol colleges and universities to see if they run life drawing classes and ask whether they’re looking for new models. You could sign up to RAM (the professional organisation for life models and tutors) but this costs £38.50 for annual membership. Might be worth the expense in the long run though as you could earn between £10 and £15 per hour.


4. Rent out your garden to campers. AirBNB isn’t just for letting out your spare room. Consider renting out your back garden to potential campers and you could be quids in. It’s free to list, but you will be charged a fee of around 3% if it’s hired. There’s no guarantee that your spot will prove popular, but it’s gotta be worth a try especially if you live in a stunning spot. If I had a bigger garden, I’d be up for doing this as I often daydream about renovating an old caravan and hiring it out. However, no caravan needed. You can just list the space as it is, or perhaps offer the use of a tent.


5. Sell your hair. By no means a new idea but did you know that long hair that hasn’t been dyed or chemically treated can fetch up to £1,500? London-based company Hair Harvest is even looking for people to take part in an upcoming Channel E4 programme. What I love most about this initiative, is that the hair is used to make wigs for hair loss sufferers, so you’re also doing a good deed!


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