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Sep 1, 2020 | Money Talks

Welcome back to Broke in Bristol – & beyond the blog that helps you save money, make money and invest in your future. As part of the Broke in Bristol brand, today I’m launching Money Talks (for teens) a new video series that will help improve teenagers knowledge of money and finance. And who better to rope in to help out than my 13-year-old daughter Little Miss Diva!

When I was young we didn’t have much money growing up and we certainly didn’t have any financial education at school. I know it’s the same story for our generation so I want to do my bit to make sure that our children don’t have to learn how to manage money the hard way.

I had to hit rock bottom when it came to being in debt before teaching myself to manage money better. During the last decade I’ve gone from 16k in debt to owning my own house – despite being a single parent and without any financial help from anyone else.

Money Talks (for teens) will be largely influenced by Little Miss Diva and the questions she has about money. Please check out Episode 1 on budgeting and subscribe to our new YouTube channel. And if you join our mailing list at we’ll send you a free budget planner that kids can work through with their parents.

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