50 things you’ll LOVE from the pound shop this Halloween!

Oct 17, 2019 | MAIN FEED

I took Little Miss Diva on a trip to Poundland in Bedminster to have a look at their Halloween selection. This is how we got on…

Sometimes when you haven’t got much money but think you deserve a cheap treat, there’s nothing better than your local pound shop. And if you’re looking for a last minute Halloween costume or a few additional accessories to complete an outfit, it’s a great place to go. Just yesterday my daughter and I found at least 50 things that would be great for kids and grown ups this Halloween.


If your kids have grown out of last year’s costumes then they can choose from seven scary masks, a hair band with veil, witches broom, witches hat, cat ears, wizard glasses, wand, bloody headband, devil wings, skeleton gloves, cape, wigs or a tutu.


Team that, or another outfit, with spooktacular accessories like a scythe, inflatable axe or a bouquet of black roses and finish your look with coloured hairspray, fake blood and fishnet tights.

Haunted house

If you’re having a party or a few people round then you can turn your home into a haunted house with pumpkin, ghost, spider or bat lights, as well as balloons, a hanging skeleton or hanging clown and a handy stencil kit for helping decorate the pumpkin.


Don’t forget to stock up on treats – there are four different types of trick or treat buckets and a loot bag to choose from as well as 20 or more large bags of sweets for trick or treaters including spooky spider legs and google eye balls.

The problem with the pound shop is it’s so easy to get carried away and buy stuff you don’t need, so I’d always recommend setting yourself a spending limit before stepping through the door. I had told Little Miss Diva that I’d treat her to their free invisibility cloak, but they’d obviously disappeared fast, as I couldn’t find them!

What do you think of your local pound shop? Do you love it or hate it? Get involved and leave me a comment – Broke in Bristol is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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