10 easy ways to make £1,000 before Christmas!

Sep 17, 2020 | MAIN FEED

I’m sorry to drop the C word but it’s only 99 days until Christmas! Does that fill you with excitement or dread? I bet an extra £1,000 would come in handy so here’s how to make an extra grand before December…

1. Start a side hustle…

Three years ago I invested in a converted Vauxhall Vivaro campervan. I don’t get to go away in it as often as I like, but it has been a great little money earner. Just hiring it out for Glastonbury paid for my holiday to Egypt last year. Other ways to earn an extra income include pet sitting, upcycling furniture, renting out a room, market research and starting a side business alongside your day job. Put all the extra income away and paying for Christmas will be a doddle.

2. Ditch the Saturday night takeaway…

I love an occasional takeaway but if you fork out for one every week, you could save an average of £457 a year by pledging to do without. Going one whole year without a takeaway is no mean feat – but just think about how much fatter your bank balance will be!

3. Haggle over your household bills

According to consumer watchdog Which , you could save £500 a year on your household bills by haggling.

4. Ditch the takeaway coffee and shop bought lunches

So you’ve been working from home during the pandemic and realised just how much money you can save not buying a coffee or three every working day and a shop bought lunch. If you’re back in the office use this as an incentive to take in your own coffee and lunch as you could save £130 a month, which is £1,560 over the course of a year.

5. Declutter and sell

When Little Miss Diva asked me for money to do up her room we had a look around the house to see what we could sell. We sold a microphone and a few items of clothing and made just over £100. Sell them online or at a car boot sale. I’m a big fan of Facebook Marketplace as it costs you nothing and it’s really convenient because buyers are local.

6. Switch bank accounts

Quite possibly the easiest way to make £125 is by switching bank accounts and it’s so simple as all the hard work is done for you. These sweeteners haven’t been so readily available thanks to Coronavirus but now they’re back and the best one at the moment is the HSBC Advance which is offering £125 and a savings account offering 2.7% interest on savings of up to £250 per month.

7. Hire out your parking space

You can get £100 each month for hiring out your parking space in Bristol depending on where you are in the city. I did this for a few years and it’s quite possibly the easiest way I’ve made £1,000. Try ParkLet, YourParkingSpace and JustPark.

8. Spring clean your finances

I regularly check my direct debits to see if I’m still using the services I’m paying for, particularly gym membership and TV subscription packages. It’s worth doing a complete audit to see just how much you could save.

9. Earn money while you shop

If you’re not making the most of cashback yet then you’re walking away from free money! You can earn around £500 a year. Try sites like Top Cashback and Quidco or even better get a cashback card so that you can use it every time you shop in store and online without having to think about it.

10. Let someone else do the research

Follow personal finance bloggers like myself so that you can be the first to know about all the latest local deals, discounts and free & affordable days out. It means you don’t have to do the research, because I’ve already done it for you! When I was living off a strict budget of £50 a week in order to pay off 16k worth of debt, I found that getting into the habit of never paying full price for anything saved me hundreds of pounds every month.

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