Live the Australian dream for £30

Jul 2, 2019 | MAIN FEED

An Australian family is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a new home and business in the land Down Under for the price of a few shrimps on the barbie.

For £30 you could have your very own piece of the Australian Outback along with $30,000 Australian dollars in your bank account so you can live out your Aussie dreams.

One lucky ticket holder will be the winner of a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home, set on 110 acres of lush surroundings – located just 25 minutes from Townsville, Queensland. In addition, the home comes complete with a profitable pet resort business and $30,000 to get you settled into your new Australian life. All together, the house, cash prize, and thriving business totals a value of AUD$1,520,0000.

And with only 40,000 tickets available, the odds of you starting your new life are very high – better than the lottery!

Animal lovers or those looking to pick up and move to a gorgeous, reserved part of Oz will have the chance to live on a vast, country property and own your very own business, that is completely mortgage free. You can run the business yourself or step back and have it run by its existing trained staff.

To enter, purchase a photo of an adorable animal off of Yapper Valley Pet Resorts website and get one automatic entry into the prize draw which will be chosen in 82 days from June 2nd.

This is a competition and you shouldn’t enter if you can’t afford to lose £30.

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