Earn £7,500 a year hosting students in Bristol.

Feb 26, 2020 | MAIN FEED

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Welcome back to Broke in Bristol – the blog that helps you save money, make money and invest in your future. This week’s post is about how we can all make extra money from hosting foreign language students – it’s something I did for years and I absolutely loved it!

I only have a small two bedroom terraced house in Totterdown, so it’s not like I have loads of extra room. But with a few small sacrifices we managed to squeeze everybody in. I was more than happy to sleep on the sofa and store some of my things in Little Miss Diva’s room. We made the student’s room lovely and homely and there was plenty of space for two students to stay with us quite comfortably.

We found that the students like to shower at night, so there was plenty of time for Little Miss Diva to use the bathroom in the morning and I work from home so I can shower when everyone else has left the house (our water bill did go up though – so that’s one thing you’ll have to account for!) You’ll also need a Gas Safety Certificate which you can get for £75, I use Parr & Evans Heating as they’re local, affordable and efficient.

Apart from providing them with a safe place to stay for a few weeks, I cooked an evening meal (not always from scratch!), provided them with a packed lunch and let them help themselves to breakfast of cereal or toast and juice. Although it was a great way to make extra money when I really needed it, I can honestly say I enjoyed chatting to them over dinner and going on the odd trip.

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So how much can you earn from hosting students this summer? Make your first port of call International House as they pay host families £150 per junior student every week and if you’ve got a big enough room you can host two same sex students as long as they are from different countries. BLC comes in as the second best payers at £130 per student per week and EF pay less at £70 per student but may be worth considering if the other language schools haven’t been in touch.

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