10 places to cool down near Bristol this summer…

Jun 9, 2021 | MAIN FEED

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Small children love to play outside in the water

Yipee the sun is shining in Bristol and beyond which puts a smile on my face for many reasons. One of them is that it’s much easier to save money in the summer and have lots of fun without spending a fortune. There are just so many free and cheap things to do as a family including a dip in the water to cool off.

If you’re looking for inspiration for free and affordable places to take the family for a dip outdoors, you’ve come to the right place!

My top 10 outdoor water spots in the South West

1. When it’s sizzling hot I used to enjoy taking Little Miss Diva to Millennium Square where she can splash about in the square’s water fountains. This has to be planned in advance – we once did it on a whim and had to pop into Primani to buy her a dry outfit for the walk home.

2. If you’re off to Weston-super-mare for a bit of beach action you may want to take the kids to the Water Adventure Play Park where they can get soaked by sprinklers for just £2 per child, adults free.

3. With hot weather predicted, Portishead Open Air Pool could be busy at the end of June. Prices aren’t too bad – £3.50 for the kids and £5 per adult.

4. The River Yeo in Yatton is a hotspot once the sun comes out! It’s not a million miles from Bristol, but it feels like a whole different world. It’s also not far from Yatton train station if you don’t have a car.

5. This summer I’ll definitely be taking Little Miss Diva to Chew Stoke Waterfall. Park the car in Chew Stoke valley and take a family walk into the woods where you can cool down at the end underneath the waterfall.

6. Sometimes it’s nice to stay at home. You can buy a 45 inch pool for the back garden for just £4.99 at Tesco Direct (larger sizes available).

7. Take the kids on a short train ride to Bradford-on-Avon where you often see younger children playing and paddling in the water in the summertime.

8. Cotswold Country Park and Beach is now open and a family ticket starts from £12 although you will have to pay extra for additional water-based activities.

9. St Andrews Park has an outdoor paddling pool for children and although recent budget cuts have threatened its future it is open for business as usual at the moment, keep an eye on the website for further details.

10. Thanks to reader Sue Mackel for the last tip. She suggests paying a visit to Blaise Castle, where there is free parking, a kids play area, free museum, and you can walk through the woods and go river walking.

Do you know any great places in and around Bristol to take a dip? Please feel free to share your tips on our Facebook page and don’t forget to like our page so that you never miss an update. You could also check out my post on Bristol’s best outdoor markets and car boots.

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