16 Christmas presents or stocking fillers for £1 that look more expensive than a quid!

Dec 7, 2016 | MAIN FEED


Welcome back to Broke in Bristol – the blog that helps you save money, make money and live life to the full on a budget. Now before anyone calls me a scrooge, I believe that there’s just no need to get into debt over Christmas. Loved ones will understand if you can’t afford to buy them a present, but if you want to buy them a little something just to show you care – you can’t go wrong with the pound shop. Poundland in Bedminster has certainly upped its game recently – here are mine and Little Miss Diva’s 16 brilliant pound shop bargains!


1.      Make up bag. These are quite pretty and you can fill them with a selection of make-up items if you want to spend a little more than £1 on someone you love. Don’t be put off by the fact that good make up is usually more expensive, Cosmopolitan tested Poundland’s Make Up Gallery range and found that most of it stood up against the competition and was an absolute bargain to boot.

2.      Nail art decoration set. Perfect for younger kids and teenagers. Little Miss Diva loved it anyway.

3.      Charm necklace.  Little Miss Diva picked this one up, so it’s another pound shop present that children will appreciate.

4.      Eye masks. These are cute and cost much more than £1 anywhere else!

5.      17 piece hairbrush and accessory set. Probably won’t last forever – but our hair accessories always get lost anyway – so I refuse to spend any more than £1 on them.

6.      Bath sets. There were quite a few to choose from when we looked from Forever Gold bath salts to Beautiful Balance shower gel sets.

7.      DVDs. We spotted The Smurfs, A Christmas Carol, Bad Santa and Matrix Reloaded.

8.      Selection boxes and chocolates. Now we all know teachers prefer wine for their Christmas presents, but if you’re skint get them a box of chocs from the pound shop instead.

9.      Board games. We found Chess, Word Battle and Draughts. Perfect for playing on long train journeys!

10.  Frozen sequin craft set. An ideal stocking filler for any Frozen fans.

11.  Photo frame. Poundland in Bedminster has a selection and there is one in particular that looks more expensive than a quid. Print out your favourite photo for a few pence – a lovely thought that costs very little.

12.  Books. Loads to choose from – but admittedly not the latest releases or more popular choices. If it was released a couple of years ago though – no doubt you’ll find it in the pound shop.

13.  Tablet wallet. Take your tablet along with you to check the size but this is a must-have stocking filler if your little uns are getting a tablet for Christmas.

14.  Food tray. If you’ve get messy eaters that sometimes like to enjoy a TV dinner – treat them to a food tray. I bought Little Miss Diva one of these in the summer and they’re just as sturdy and pretty as their more expensive competitors.

15.  Glass chopping board. You would not believe this is only a quid!

16.  Oven gloves. You could even splash out and buy two at this price! The perfect gift for any cooking enthusiasts.


All these bargains were found in Poundland in Bedminster, Bristol this month and although there are pound shops up and down the country, stores vary their stock. What are your best Christmas shopping bargains? Please let us know by leaving a comment and don’t forget to like our Facebook page, so that you never miss an update. Feel free to share the love!

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